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At Today's Marketplace (TMP), our first responsibility as an editorial content provider to financial news platforms is to identify a compelling story from a public company. The earned distribution utilized by TMP relies on the story's ability to engage a national business audience. TMP's distribution is a strategic blend of earned, shared, owned, and integrated media distribution to the most frequented investor news media outlets.

C-Suite Interview Media Package

TMP's content is distributed to each of the following platforms. TMP utilizes the ESO model to ensure our content builds authority and credibility as we reach targeted audiences across the financial and investor news landscape.

LSEG Refinitiv Terminal

Financial news platform with 400,000 subscribers including 2,500 Journalists.

Bloomberg Terminal

Industry leading investor platform with 325,000 Terminal & App subscribers.

Editorial Systems

Utilized by 9 of the top 10 MSOs and over 100 cable & telco TV operators serving over 50 million U.S. households.

Native Content

Article + TMP interview video on Entrepreneur.com and 24/7 WallSt.com with 30K guaranteed views.

Live Morning News

Live segment on local morning news Monday - Friday in 100 markets. Contact a producer to learn more.

The Today's Marketplace interview series with C-Suite experts from Public companies is loaded into a subscription based financial and investor software terminal called LSEG (Refinitiv, Reuters, Eikon). LSEG currently has 400,000 financial professional end users including 2,500 Journalists. Each TMP Business Report is accessbile on the terminal through a Ticker search or a meta-data search.

The same C-Suite interviews from Today's Marketplace can be found on the Bloomberg Terminal. Bloomberg is the industry leading financial software platform with 325,000 financial / trading professional subscribers. Listing on the Bloomberg Terminal also carries the benefit of being posted on Bloomberg.com along with their exclusive market news, in-depth analysis, and insightful commentary on important market issues. Each TMP interview is accessbile on the terminal through a Ticker search or a meta-data search.

The TMP C-Suite interview content is also pushed out to leading Financial news websites such as Yahoo Finance, Market Insider, 24/7 Wall St, CNN Money, the Associated Press, and Entrepreneur.com. The viewership reached is a highly targeted audience of business, financial, investment banks, sell-side analysts, asset managers, wealth managers, independent research firms, entrepreneur, media firms, and corporations.

The ESO strategy deployed by TMP utilizes our journalist credentials to submit content directly to news servers along with targeted syndication relationships, and integration placement.

Each participating company will receive a Non-Exclusive License Right to utilize the interview. TMP will provide an HD master video to the IR, PR, and Communications firms representing the companies featured on Today's Marketplace for use on social media or other publishing platforms.

Through our partnership with eductional publishers, Today's Marketplace is offered to public and academic libraries worldwide reaching the next generation of business leaders. These publishers have curated discipline-focused, primary-source collections of streaming media for learning and research. TMP is passionate about creating supplemental educational online resources for business schools that assist scholars and students discover and learn.

Editorial Channels

TMP distributes the C-Suite interviews for earned media pickup to business and financial networks such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, CNN Money, and Market Insider but our interview videos can also be found on ABC, NBC, CBS, and other business news websites via our media embedded press releases. TMP pushes our content to daily content servers belonging to the top MSO's such as AT&T and Verizon. These networks provide targeted exposure to local viewerships interested in technology, innovation, and commerce.

The editorial distribution provided to Today's Marketplace is based on our ability to source, produce and deliver independent business stories from companies of interest.

Bloomberg & LSEG Refinitiv

These terminals are unprecedented platforms presenting transparent news for financial institutions, media and research organizations to reach the global financial community.

These two financial terminals carry exclusive multimedia programming including interviews with key newsmakers, in-depth analysis, and insightful commentary on important market issues. Together, these two terminals currently have more than 700,000 financial professional and Journalist subscribers.

Multiple Distribution Points

Today's Market Place reaches a targeted audience of investors and business decision makers through a variety of narrow cast distribution relationships. Each TMP report is individually evaluated for distribution to the following platforms:

  • Bloomberg Terminal
  • Reuters Eikon Terminal
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Associated Press
  • Market Insider
  • Bloomberg.com
  • Entrepreneur.com
  • Local News Channel websites
  • World Library Catalog
  • Integrated Media Opportunities

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