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TMP is engaged in the business of producing news-worthy editorial interview segments for free earned media news publisher distribution. As a result, participating interviewees may benefit from increased public relations and investor relations media exposure across the news media and investor media landscape. TMP seeks interviews with public companies or universities with novel technologies and solutions that positively address an industry issue. TMP's producers conduct research and only select stories with national interest. TMP is a favored media option for companies seeking credible exposure. TMP's interviews cover important topics and deliver complex solutions in a manner the average investor will understand. These interviews are syndicated across multiple investor media platforms targeting investors, journalists, financial professionals, and stockholders. TMP's multi-channel distribution provides robust authoritative and credible media exposure to under-reported stories. Participating companies compensate TMP for the costs associated with public relations and media creation efforts in the form of an ESO Agreement.

TMP does not accept shares of restricted common stock as a form of compensation as this would create a conflict of interest regarding the objectivity of TMP's interviews. TMP does not assess increased stock value as a key performance indicator related to the success of a TMP interview. However, the widely accepted purpose and mission of public relations and investor relations activities should support a positive stock price trend. Thus, all of TMP's interviews are centered around highlighting the positive advancements and contributions from each participating Public company.

In order to support TMP's earned media distribution strategy, TMP's editorial interviews are fire-walled and developed by experienced writers, reporters, and producers. The integrated media distribution provided by TMP does not influence, impact, or alter the editorial nature of the TMP interviews. The compensation received through contractual arrangements (“ESO Agreement” or “Media Agreement”) from companies seen on the TMP series, are strictly for public relations services, media creation, and earned media distribution packages. The level of compensation varies based upon multiple factors. The same editorial guidelines persist across all studio or location-based interviews regardless of funding source(s). Companies interested in sharing their story with TMP must not participate in the editorial research or writing process and all interviewed parties must sign a release form prior to filming.

Each interview video published on this site may include the opinion of an analyst, C-Suite representatives, and industry influencers. No level of participation with TMP involves the opinion of TMP. Each company, through the signing of an ESO Agreement, understands and agrees that no part of compensation paid to and received by TMP shall be considered as payment for the opinion(s) or third party recommendations. Compensation only relates to the costs associated with distribution packages and for providing the level of public relations and media support services to the company as detailed in the ESO Media Agreement. As such, each participating company understands editorial guidelines persist across all interviews regardless of funding source(s) and company further agrees that the opinion(s) of those interviewed by TMP may be contrary to the company's wishes and recommendations or otherwise. The interview videos published by TMP are independently produced and express exclusively the opinions of the person(s) interviewd without bias, coercion, manipulation, or influence by any TMP, Capital Media Group Inc, or its affiliates including those who are executives, in the research department, or any other person employed by TMP. If a participating company is dissatisfied with the opinion(s) of the participating interviewees or coverage, the participating company’s sole remedy shall be to address those opinions with the specific person stating those opinions and shall hold TMP harmless of any resulting impacts of those opinions.

Neither TMP nor any of its Affiliates is a Registered Broker/Dealer or Financial Advisor, nor does it hold itself out to be a Registered Broker/Dealer or Financial Advisor. All materials and information presented in TMP interviews are not to be regarded as investment advice by Financial Media and are for informative purposes only with respect to a featured company and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. Viewers should consult with a licensed securities professional before purchasing or selling any securities of the featured company and should verify all claims and information regarding the featured company and do their own due diligence before investing in a company featured on TMP if the viewer is considering an investment in a featured company. Investing in small-cap, micro cap and penny stock securities is speculative and carries a high degree of risk. Remember, never invest in any security of a company featured unless you can afford to lose your entire investment.

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