Shoot Location & Treatment Options

The NASDAQ Marketsite and New York Stock Exchange is where Today's Marketplace conducts most of our sitdown interviews with Publicly traded companies but our producers also travel the U.S. to film interviews on-location with pioneering companies, academia, and market influencers. Below are a few of the shoot location we utilize:

4 Production Formats

Today's Marketplace produces interviews with C-Suite executives from Public companies with industry stakeholder and academic expert guests. Editorial production guidelines persist throughout every story TMP produces regardless of the funding source(s). Each of the production formats listed in Red below receive direct distribution into the leading financial terminals, newsrooms, and online syndication where over 20,000 journalists, bloggers, investors, & influencers receive daily or weekly email updates to find story leads. Today's Marketplace business segments are produced in the following 4 different production formats:
Sit-Down Interview with Public company conducted in-person at the NYSE or NASDAQ with guests representing academic institutions or industy stakeholders.
Remote Interview hosted from the NASDAQ balcony level with Public company. This remote interview can either be conducted live or asynchronous.
Feature Story with interviews and b-roll filmed on-location (CONUS) with Public company to explore new solutions to important industry issues.
Morning Report hosted from the NASDAQ, qualified stories are selected for inclusion within a 1 minute LIVE business news broadcast in 100 markets.
See Samples below for each of these three TMP production formats.

TMP covers news from multiple industries:     Climate Change,  Healthcare,  Agriculture,  Defense,  and more.

20 Dec, 2016

NASDAQ Marketplace Sit Down Interview

28 Feb, 2017

On-Location Business Profile

Marketplace LIVE Morning Report

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