Shoot Location & Treatment Options

The NASDAQ MarketSite and New York Stock Exchange is where Today's Marketplace conducts sitown interviews for the series but our producers also travel the U.S. to capture interviews from pioneering public and private companies and filming supporting footage on-location. Below are a few shoot location options:

3 Production Formats

Today's Marketplace selects interviews with industry stakeholders, public, private, academic, non-profit, and for-profit companies. Production guidelines persist throughout every story we produce regardless of the funding source(s). A minimal agency fee is required for Today's Marketplace producers to research, script, produce, and distribute each story. Today's Marketplace produces TV business segments in 2 formats for Public and Private companies respectively:
Sit Down Editorial Interview conducted from NYSE or NASDAQ filming locations for National & International earned media distribution.
Morning Report from NYSE or NASDAQ location, 15 second of a 1 minute report for LIVE news broadcast distribution.
Business Profile conducted at the participant's location for National & International earned media distribution (integrated distribution optional).
Promotional Productions TMP can also be hired for promotional productions with TV, Radio, Print, OOH, and Digital campaign and integrated distribution options.

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20 Dec, 2016

NASDAQ Marketplace Sit Down Interview

28 Feb, 2017

On-Location Business Profile

15 July, 2016

NYC Studio Morning Report

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