09 Sept, 2016

Global Investor Audience Reuters Insider

REUTERS INSIDER, presents an unprecedented platform for financial institutions, media and research organizations to reach the global financial community. A channel that delivered breaking news, valuable insights and actionable analysis ... on the topics that truly impact your business ... around the clock ... no matter where you are.

In aggregate, the Reuters Insider Network presents a one-stop resource for valuable multimedia information unavailable anywhere else. Reuters Insider has also partnered with 150+ carefully selected financial information providers.

09 Sept, 2016
  • National
  • 70 Million
  • Satellite, OTT, Terrestrial
  • Demographics

Leading Business TV Networks

Bloomberg TV, Influential thought leaders, business executives and affluent professionals rely on Bloomberg Television for the global, market-moving news they need to make smart decisions. Telecast to 72 million U.S. homes and more than 310 million households worldwide, Bloomberg Television delivers immediate perspective on breaking news as it happens from where it happens

Bloomberg Television's 24-hour programming schedule is set according to the business day, with industry and market snapshots in the morning, continuous feature interviews and analysis during the day, and timely, insightful stories in the evening.

09 Sept, 2016
  • National / International
  • 400 Million
  • Satellite, OTT, Terrestrial
  • CNNI Quick Facts

National / International Broadcast

TMP educates target business views on networks such as Bloomberg , CNN International, HLN, Fox Business or similar network. As a result of the "TV Anywhere" initiative, CNN International terrestrial cable carriers nationwide in 86 million American households.

CNN International, is an international English language cable, satellite, IPTV and digital terrestrial television channel that is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System division of Time Warner. Cable providers including Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS and Cox Communications offer CNN International. CNN International's international reach includes more than 200 million households, and hotel rooms in over 200 countries.

09 Sept, 2016
  • Business Professionals
  • 86 Million
  • Investment, Business
  • General Audience

Mobile Business Audience CNNgo

In March 2015 CNN announced the availability of CNNgo on Apple TV and was quickly followed up with availability on Roku and Smart TVs. As part of the industry-wide TV Everywhere initiative, CNNgo is now available in more than 86 million homes and to participating TV providers on Apple TV devices.

Today's Marketplace also offers the ability to push content to OTT, web and smart tv platforms such as CNNgo, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku as well as IOS and Andriod apps through the CNN Iinternational broadcast feed.

09 Sept, 2016
  • National / Regional
  • Based on Selection
  • Satellite, IPTV
  • Terrestrial TV

Optional Regional Broadcast

TMP works with our clients to target key regional areas significant to the story with regional broadcasts. CNBC, Fox Business and HLN are the television network that focuses on the “must-see" business stories of the day. Drawing upon TMP’s deep bench of talent, TMP can help select a regional business network to best reach your target markets.

09 Sept, 2016
  • General Audience
  • 10 Million
  • News, Entertainment
  • Website

National Morning Syndication Studio D

Studio D Show, is a nationally syndicated News and Entertainment program created by seasoned veterans of television programming, and the team who originated The Daily Buzz. The Studio D Show will help provide “Non News” television stations with the opportunity to offer news and have some fun doing it. TMP Business Report participants can selected airings during the Studio D morning program.

Bringing an unbiased look at subjects that we are all interested in – Health, Beauty, Finance, Medical, Entertainment – and everything in between. Each full TMP segment will appear on the Studio D's entire distribution list of 169 markets covering over 107 million TV households, 95% of the country and Puerto Rico.

09 Sept, 2016

National Healthcare Waiting Rooms

Mission Critical Health , (MCH) is a non-profit education initiative in partnership with the AMWA Preventive Medicine Task Force. Each production contains evidence-based public health and medical education programs citing trusted peer reviewed science. This important information is delivered on video screens throughout healthcare facilities nationwide. Each month a national healthcare audience is introduced to new research and best practices through engaging news reports and case studies. Our goal is to improve patient care through education and to improve the patient's ability to make positive lifestyle decisions. Mission Critical Health content reaches inside healthcare facilities to impact both the healthcare professional and patient

MCH works to strengthen primary-care and community health systems through education. We base our educational topics on the objectives of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement known as the “Triple Aim”. Those objectives are to: 1. improve the health of the population, 2. enhance the patient experience of care, including quality, access and reliability and 3. reduce, or at least control, the per capita cost of care through the adoption of improved technology and best practices.

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